Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life Takes a U Turn

It had been my passion to drive (thumb drive is the best of lot)and now I have to drive PASSION.Chennai has started getting accustomed to my way of driving ( Both bike as well as my Ottals)

One night at office( not call center),gloomy atmosphere started to set in
(Follow the omens - Paulo Coelho's advice was ignored)

The bike resisted to Start....
Kick, Reverse Kick, Scissor kick, Help Kick (Parking security)

With the Choke in Place now...
Kicked and kicked till I choked. Follow the omens - I failed once again

Guy who parked just beside me buttton started his pulsar and sped out of the parking..... ( Huge Sigh )

Finally it started. I sweated ..... but with relief. I was just accelerating a while just to make my brain believe that the bike has started. PASSION roared out of PKT ( Prince Kushal Towers - its where my office is)

I maintaned a slow pace (at most times you have to in Chennai).
I was about to cross Spencer's signal ( it was blinking yellow then) ; Thought I could make it to the other end of signal but bike came to an abrupt stop - I was just above the Zebra crossing. Had it(Zebra)had life it would have killed me.
All its lines got almost erased. Amidst all the kick ( No catherine zeta jones or Sharon stone) commotion, I had failed to notice the petrol valve is still off

Follow the omens - I failed once again

My Goodness!!! The traffic constable ( MAMA - MAndatory MAal collector - as we call ) was too considerate on my zig zag parking on the zig zig lined zebra crossing.

I finally stabilized and made up my mind not to go over 2nd gear till I reach my home. That make up (of mind) was short lived. The majestic Gemini flyover (All dravidian supporters - DMK as well AIADMK may call it Anna flyover)and the forlorn ( it was 9.30 P.M then)archs of flyover automatically accelerated my PASSION(PLUS). Racing Instincts running high - Speed thrills but kills (atleast the tamizh killu meaning pinch)

Follow the omens - I failed once again

There came the treacherous UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU turn from gemini flyover which one has to take to go to T Nagar via GN chetty road.

Narain Visveswaran (karthikeyan) was trying to take U ( literally an O) turn at 60 km/h (Convert into m/s. km/h to m/s is 5/18 - this and 9C/ 5 + 32 are the 2 formulae I can recollect)

I believed the centrifugal force would pull me but ALAS it is just a force which was surpassed by my mass X my acceleration [which is also Force (= ma)]

All these happened in split second (though I took more than an hour to conceive and reproduce it here).My super conscious said " Fly out of flyover" OR "Breakkkk" .

Front Breaks as I had experienced,just breaks knees and all associated bones and never the tyres.

The SKIDDDDDDDD started . The entire SKIT of Omen ended.

I lay there conscious, helmettified (though made compulsorily in Tamil nadu only from June #1).My bike lay beside me. We were like copules in a bedroom

Bikes do desire some flat sleep. They are not human machines like us who keep working all day and sleep wherever we find place/oppotunity/time

I lay there conscious, helmettified - I can hear

(On lines of Uyirin Uyire...)

Uyirin Uyire ... Ponna Varadhe ... Saavin Vilambil Kaathu Kidakinren

Ratha Thuligal Udambu Muzhudhum Muzhudhum Muzhudhum Thelithu Kidakinren

Mayava Kaapathanum..... Speed endra Maya kittirendhu Ennay Kaapathanum.

It has now been eight months after that minor injury ( just some bloody scratches on Forelimbs and hind limbs ).Had my forelimbs been modified as wings (as in birds),I would have just flied.......

As you see Life might take a U turn at you when you dont observe caution with your speedometer.

Happy Ottals (Driving)

Hit where it huts

Chk this out before my version comes....